The ÉPOQUE project promotes a sustainable enrichment of the future curricula provided from the Universities in the sectors of Sciences and Engineering, through the development of an environmental portfolio, which can be incorporated in the current courses provided. The environmental

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University of Ioannina (EL) – Coordinator The University of Ioannina was founded in 1964. In 1970 became an independent Higher Education Institution, which grew rapidly in the coming years. Today, the University of Ioannina includes 17 academic Departments which altogether


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Environmental Portfolio: the need for modernised curricula focusing on environmental issues The objective of this analysis is to bring out the gaps in the contemporary University curricula in terms of the knowledge and skills that are fostered through them, while

The e-Learning platform will complete the training courses of the Environmental Portfolio.

Through the platform the courses will be available to the target groups with the appropriate content in order to address the needs of the target group and achieve the learning the learning objectives set for the Environmental Portfolio.

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