Workshop Title: EPOQUE online platform and course  3

The workshop took place at Ioannina, during the EPOQUE conference on May 21 with 49 participants, who were mainly students of the department of primary education of the University of Ioannina, as well as teachers of primary and secondary education. The main objectives of the workshop were to demonstrate the e-learning platform developed in the context of EPOQUE and train participants in the contents of Course III of the EPOQUE portfolio, entitled “Entrepreneurship – Intelligent Energy”, using this platform.

To achieve these goals, the overall e-learning platform’s functionality was initially presented (e.g. navigating through the EPOQUE courses, managing user profiles, uploading documents etc.). Then, the participating people got trained in the learning modules “Intelligent Energy” and “Green entrepreneurship application sectors” using the e-learning platform to access relevant educational material. Subsequently, they were given a brief period of time to navigate through educational material and platform tools (e.g. forums and wikis) on their own.

Finally, the participants were asked to assess both the e-learning platform and the educational content of the aforementioned EPOQUE’s course through appropriate questionnaires. All participants in the workshop were awarded a training certificate by the international EPOQUE consortium.

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